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CHINA 650 011      KUNMING,Yunnan     25 DONG FENG EAST ROAD 
.HOLIDAY INN KUNMING     Tel.(86)871-316 5888      Fax (86)871-313 5189
20% DISCOUNT on US$ 80-90                         FIRST CLASS * 252 Rooms
City centre location.
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CHINA 650 011  *   KUNMING,Yunnan     36 BEIJING Rd,ZHONG MING PLAZA,Fl.7 
DIETHELM TRAVEL YUNNAN   Tel.(86)871-351 4933      Fax (86)871-351 4904
E-Mail: dtyl@public.km.yn.cn,lm@dto.co.th
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Incoming Tour Operator in China.
Mobile Telephone: (86)138-870 9857
Internet: http://www.diethelm-travel.com/yunnan.htm

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