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USA 12946          LAKE PLACID,N.York 122 MAIN STREET 
HOTEL MARCY SUITES       Tel.(1)518-523 1818       Fax (1)518-523 2992
20% on $60-70 (1JAN-15MAR,15JUN-15SEP: $85-95)        TOURIST * 92 Suites
Downtown location,free parking,free continental breakfast.

USA 12946          LAKE PLACID,N.York 54 SARANAC AVENUE 
.LAKESHORE MOTEL         Tel.(1)518-523 2261       Fax (1)518-523 3113
50% DISCOUNT on $79                                    TOURIST * 23 Rooms
JUL-SEP, Winter Holidays: $109
FREE boats (canoes, row, paddle).   Airconditioned, cable TV.
Kitchenettes and apartments available.  Only motel with private beach
directly on Lake Placid.
This outlet has the following Room Facilities:

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