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FRANCE 84130       LE PONTET,Provence P.O.BOX 122,  LE PIGEONNIER 
.HOTEL DES AGASSINS      Tel.(33)4-90 32 42 91     Fax (33)4-90 32 08 29
50% DISCOUNT on FRF 850 (Single: FRF 750)               DELUXE * 40 Rooms
HIGH Season (On Request): FRF 1000 (Single: FRF 850)
Elegant and charming mansion from Latine Architecture.  Excellent
Gastrononic Restaurant 'La Table des Agassins'.   Pool, private parking.
Very next to Avignon downtown, in a very quiet 100 year old park.
Toll-Free USA & Canada: 1-800-710 7989

FRANCE 84130       LE PONTET,Provence 450 ALLEE DE CASSAGNE 
.AUBERGE DE CASSAGNE     Tel.(33)4-90 31 04 18     Fax (33)4-90 32 25 09
FREE ROOM if min.FRF 440 p.p. spent on Breakfast/Dinner  DELUXE *   Rooms
50% DISCOUNT on FRF 400-870 (Single: 350-750; 10APR-10OCT: FRF 490-1080)
Next to Avignon (Motorway Exit Avignon-Nord). In a magnificent garden.
Old provencal dwelling. Gastronomic Restaurant.

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