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GERMANY 04103      LEIPZIG            SEEBURGSTRASSE 5-9 
LEIPZIGER VEREINSHAUS    Tel.(49)341-217 0100      Fax (49)341-217 0222
50% DISCOUNT on DM 185-210 (Single: DM 110-150)        TOURIST * 34 Rooms
Midweek: 25% DISCOUNT.
Meeting rooms for 10 to 300 participants.

REMA-HOTEL 4 JAHRESZEIT  Tel.(49)341-985 10        Fax (49)341-985 122
Toll-Free: 0130-3633
NET/NET Rates: DM 240 (Single: DM 170)             FIRST CLASS * 70 Rooms
INCL.Buffet Breakfast.  During Exhibitions & Trade Shows: Rates on req.

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