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BRAZIL 46960-000   LENCOIS,Bahia      Ave.SENHOR DOS PASSOS S/N 
.P.CANTO DAS AGUAS       Tel.(55)75-334 1154       Fax (55)75-334 1188
35% on US$ 55 (Single: US$ 50; JUL, DEC-FEB: 25%)       BUDGET * 17 Rooms
Situated near Rio Lencois.  Restaurant with panoramic view, pool.
TV, minibar.

BRAZIL 46960-000   LENCOIS,Bahia      RUA ALTINA ALVES 747 
.POUSADA DE LENCOIS      Tel.(55)75-334 1102       Fax (55)75-334 1180
40% DISCOUNT on US$ 55-70 (Single: US$ 50-63)          TOURIST * 48 Rooms
15DEC-15MAR, JUL, Long Holiday Weekends: 25% DISCOUNT.
Well equipped comfortable hotel in pleasant location near 'Nacional Park
da Chapada Diamantina'.  In the monumental historical center of Lencois.
Reservations through Salvador Office: Tel.(55)71-358 9395, Fax 358 0214
See here 1 Photo of this property.

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