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TOGO               LOME               P.O.BOX 131 
SOFITEL 2 FEVRIER        Tel.(228)210 003          Fax (228)216 266
20% DISCOUNT on CFA 33000                                       368 Rooms
Sumptuous hotel,ideally equipped for conferences.

TOGO               LOME               P.O.BOX 3452, Blvd.DU MOND 
.HOTEL DE LA PAIX        Tel.(228)215 297          Fax (228)212 302
50% DISCOUNT on CFA 23000                         FIRST CLASS * 232 Rooms
Situated at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean,in a large coconut-palm park.
2 Km.to city center, 5 km.to Lome Airport. Pool,bar,restaurant,night club
Tennis.  Free airport shuttle.

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