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.STAR REGENCY HOTEL      Tel.(91)21147-73331/2825  Fax (91)21147-2825
25% on 780 Rupees (Single: 680 Rs.,MAY-AUG: 15%)        DELUXE * 26 Rooms
Airconditioned. Pool, bar, conference hall. Central location.
58-Seat first-class restaurant with Indian, Chinese, Muglai and
Continental cuisine (open: 07-23.30 h.)

INDIA 410 401      LONAVALA,Maharash. 80 TUNGARLI ROAD 
VISHWA BHARTH            Tel.(91)21147-2686/3208   Fax
10% DISCOUNT on 150 Rupees                          LOW BUDGET * 12 Rooms
Centrally located low budget Guest House with comforts.

INDIA 410 403      LONAVALA,Maharash. Opp.VALVAN DAM, BOMBAY - POONA Hway 
.HOTEL KADAMB SAHYADRI   Tel.(91)21147-3234 / 3294 Fax
25% on 300-450 Rupees (MAR-OCT: 10%)                    BUDGET * 42 Rooms
Best location opposite Valvan Dam. 5 Min.from bus depot.  On main
highway.  Beautiful atmosphere, spacious rooms.
10% DISCOUNT on Food Only.                        Open: 9-24 h.* 40 Seats
Gujrati Thali & Indian cuisine.

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