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USA 90802          LONG BEACH,Calif.  700 QUEENSWAY DRIVE 
.TRAVELODGE MARINA       Tel.(1)310-435 7676       Fax (1)310-437 0866
50% DISCOUNT on $79-99                                          193 Rooms
Bayside resort style hotel with balcony rooms,restaurant,tennis and pool.
Only minutes from downtown, convention center and airport.
Adjacent to the Queen Mary and Catalina Island Express boat.

USA 90815          LONG BEACH,Calif.  2640 LAKEWOOD BOULEVARD 
.HOLIDAY INN L.B.AIRPORT Tel.(1)310-597 4401       Fax (1)310-597 0601
50% DISCOUNT on $119                                            230 Rooms
Our full service hotel is adjacent to the freeway and a half mile from
Long Beach Airport. Free transportation to Disneyland & area attractions.
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