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FRANCE 69002       LYON               11 RUE GROLEE 
GRAND HOTEL CONCORDE     Tel.(33)4-72 40 45 45     Fax (33)4-78 37 52 55
25% DISCOUNT on FRF 720-980                            4-Star * 143 Rooms
In the heart of Lyon on the banks of the Rhone.  Old World elegance.
Conferences, restaurant.

FRANCE 69005       LYON               7 QUAI DE BONDY 
LE PHENIX HOTEL          Tel.(33)4-78 28 24 24     Fax (33)4-78 28 62 86
NET/NET Rates: FRF 660-765 (Single: FRF 600-705)   FIRST CLASS * 36 Rooms
Highly comfortable and tastefully decorated rooms.  The hotel invites you
to share in a relaxing few moments on its patio or in the piano bar.
Private garage.
See here Photo 1 and Photo 2 of this property.

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