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INDIA 575 001      MANGALORE,Karnatak FALNIR ROAD 
HOTEL MOTI MAHAL         Tel.(91)824-441 411       Fax (91)824-441 011
20% DISCOUNT on 325-425 Rupees (Single: 275-350 Rs.)   TOURIST * 20 Rooms
Centrally located in close proximity to shopping/entertainment area.
10% DISCOUNT on Food & Drinks.    Open: 12-24 h.* FIRST GRADE * 200 Seats
Continental, Indian & Chinese cuisine.  Main Dish: 35-55 Rs.

INDIA 575 001      MANGALORE,Karnatak OLD PORT ROAD 
MANJARUN HOTEL           Tel.(91)824-420 420       Fax (91)824-420 588
20% on US$ 34 (Single: US$ 30; OCT-APR: 10%)           DELUXE * 101 Rooms
Centrally located to commercial and business centre.

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