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KENYA              MOMBASA            P.O.BOX 83492, SHANZU BEACH 
.INTER-CONTINENTAL Resrt Tel.(254)11-485 811       Fax (254)11-485 918/437
25% on US$ 150 (Sgl: $118; 16JUN-15SEP, XMAS: Req.)    DELUXE * 184 Rooms
6JAN-31MAR: US$ 222 (Single: $156);  16SEP-22DEC: US$ 198 (Single: $144)
A beautiful resort hotel on the Indian Ocean with 4 restaurants, 5 bars,
casino,disco,health club and full sporting activities.
See here 1 Photo of this property.

KENYA              MOMBASA            P.O.BOX 90078, TANGANA ROAD 
.ROADSTERS RENT-A-CAR    Tel.(254)11-22 1190/0848  Fax (254)11-313726/473005
25% DISCOUNT on our Rent-a-Car rates.

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