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KENYA              NAIROBI            c/o P.O.BOX 87649 
TRAVELLERS BEACH HOTEL   Tel.(254)2-485 121/126    Fax (254)2-485 678
20% DISCOUNT on US$ 55 (Single: $46, 21DEC-4JAN: 0%)  TOURIST * 288 Rooms
HIGH Season (On Request): US$ 84 Double / US$ 76 Single.
Mombasa beach hotel with 6 pools. All rooms facing Indian Ocean.

KENYA              NAIROBI            P.O.BOX 30680, KIMATHI STREET 
NEW STANLEY HOTEL        Tel.(254)2-333 233        Fax (254)2-211472 /229833
20% DISCOUNT on US$ 107 (Single: $90)                           230 Rooms

KENYA              NAIROBI            P.O.BOX 30486, KENYATTA AVENUE 
.PANAFRIC HOTEL          Tel.(254)2-720 822        Fax (254)2-726 356/211472
25% DISCOUNT on US$ 85 (Single: US$ 63)                         164 Rooms
Simba, pool.

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