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USA 02554          NANTUCKET,Mass.    P.O.BOX 628, EASTON STREET 
FOLGER HOTEL             Tel.(1)508-228 0313       Fax (1)508-228 4186
E-Mail: 15082284186@faxaway.com   Make Reservation
20% DISCOUNT on $78-90 (Single: $48-65)                TOURIST * 60 Rooms
12JUN-12SEP: 10% on $115-125 Double / $70-90 Single.   Colonial comfort &
Distinctive American cuisine. Few minutes to town,handy to beaches.

USA 02554          NANTUCKET,Mass.    60 UNION STREET 
.TUCKERNUCK INN          Tel.(1)508-228 4886       Fax (1)508-228 4890
E-Mail: 15082284890@faxaway.com   Make Reservation
25% DISCOUNT on $80 (Single: $70)                      TOURIST * 18 Rooms
JUN-SEP: $120-145 (Single: $110-135).   Fri,Sat in MAY-OCT: 0% DISCOUNT
A very comfortable country inn in historic Nantucket Town, on Nantucket
Island off Cape Cod.  Open all year.  Breakfast & Dinner served daily.
25% on Food & Drinks.                      Open: 17.30-21.30 h.* 24 Seats
ONLY VALID in MAY-OCT on Sun-Thu from 17.30-18.30 h.   American cuisine
See here 1 Photo of this property.

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