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USA 06511          NEW HAVEN,Connect. 400 SARGENT DRIVE 
HOWARD JOHNSON           Tel.(1)203-562 1111       Fax (1)203-865 7440
E-Mail: 12038657440@faxaway.com   Make Reservation
20% on $69-79  USA toll-free 1-800-800 1 GEM          TOURIST * 153 Rooms
153-Room high-rise located at the intersection of I-91 and I-95.
Home of Yale University.
Internet: Howard Johnson Home Page

USA 06512          NEW HAVEN,Connect. 30 FRONTAGE ROAD, I-95 at EXIT 51 
.HOST WAYS MOTOR INN     Tel.(1)203-469 5321       Fax (1)203-469 2544
E-Mail: 12034692544@faxaway.com   Make Reservation
50% DISCOUNT on $57-68                                 TOURIST * 83 Rooms
Directly off Route I-95 at Exit 51;  Complimentary continental breakfast.
Some rooms with whirlpool. Complimentary Showtime movie service in rooms.

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