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RUSSIA 249 020     OBNINSK,Kaluga     GURIANOVA STREET 21 
.CHAS PIK NEWSPAPER      Tel.(7)8439-351 46        Fax (7)095-255 2318
25% DISCOUNT on Advertising and Publishing.

RUSSIA 249 020  #  OBNINSK,Kaluga     GAGARINA 55 
.ARS-NOVA Ltd.           Tel.(7)8439-304 33        Fax (7)095-230 2326
25% DISCOUNT on Business Travel.  NO discount on air tickets.
European Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Services, Hotel and Aircraft
Reservations, Visa Services.

RUSSIA 249 020  *  OBNINSK,Kaluga     LENIN 93 
.FOREIGN ECONOMIC AGENCY Tel.(7)8439-732 81        Fax (7)095-255 2225
25% DISCOUNT on Tours Around Kaluga Region.
Joint-venture registration, consulting on foreign exchange.
Scientific centre in a beautiful area, 100 km.from Moscow.
NO Discount on Transportation.

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