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USA 08226          OCEAN CITY,N.J.    8th & ATLANTIC AVENUE 
.PAVILLION MOTOR LODGE   Tel.(1)609-399 2600       Fax
20% DISCOUNT on $60 ($114-120 in HIGH Season,Req) FIRST CLASS * 100 Rooms
Country Club atmosphere.  Close to beach & boardwalk.  Central location.

USA 08226          OCEAN CITY,N.J.    3420 HAVEN AVENUE 
.CROSSINGS MOTOR INN     Tel.(1)609-398 4433       Fax (1)609-525 0490
Toll-Free: 1-800-257 8811
25% DISCOUNT on $58-99                                 TOURIST * 70 Rooms
28MAY-3SEP: 0% DISCOUNT on $97-125
Exit 25 from Garden State Parkway.

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