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TAHITI,Fr.Poly.    PAPEETE            P.O.BOX 919,  291 POMARE BOULEVARD 
.HOTEL ROYAL PAPEETE     Tel.(689)420 129          Fax (689)437 909
25% DISCOUNT on CFP 10700-12000 (Single: 9000-10500)   TOURIST * 71 Rooms
3-Storey colonial style hotel (1968).  Ideal for those on stopovers or
on the way to Outer Islands.  Very special and wellknown for visiting
business people.
25% DISCOUNT on Food Only.  French cuisine.                      90 Seats
Open: 06.30-10, 11.45-14.30, 18.30-22.30 h.  Main Dish: CFP 1350-3500
This outlet has the following Hotel (1-42) & Room (43-58) Facilities:
See here Photo 1 and Photo 2 of this property.

TAHITI,Fr.Poly.    PAPEETE            P.O.BOX 6014, FAA'A, Pte TATA'A 
.BEACHCOMBER PARKROYAL   Tel.(689)865 110          Fax (689)865 130
20% on CFP 28500-31500 (Single: CFP 24500-27500)       DELUXE * 212 Rooms
Unique 32 over-the-water bungalows from CFP 36500.
Fantastic white sand bottom pool with swim-up bar and jacuzzi.
Tahiti's only over the lagoon lotus restaurant.
20% DISCOUNT at Tahiti Aquatique Water Sports Center and Scuba Diving.
See here Photo 1, Photo 2 and Photo 3 of this property.

TAHITI,Fr.Poly. *  PAPEETE            P.O.BOX 718 
TAHITI NUI TRAVEL        Tel.(689)540 228          Fax (689)540 230
E-Mail: sales@tahiti-nui.com
Click here to send an Information or Fare Request
Incoming Tour Operator in French Polynesia.
Internet: http://www.tahiti-nui.com

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