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ESTONIA 3600       PARNU              KUNINGA 25 
.HOTEL VICTORIA          Tel.(372)44-434 12        Fax (372)44-434 15
25% on US$ 80-96 (Single: US$ 48-60; JUN-AUG: 15%) FIRST CLASS * 23 Rooms
In the very heart of town.  Next to park.  Comfortable hotel for
business travellers.

ESTONIA 3600       PARNU              RUUTLI 44 
HOTEL PARNU              Tel.(372)44-789 11        Fax (372)44-789 05
E-Mail: hotparnu@www.ee   Make Reservation
25% DISCOUNT on US$ 48 (Single: US$ 36)                 3-Star * 78 Rooms
JUN-AUG: US$ 56 (Single: US$ 42)
Recently (1995) renovated hotel in the heart of Parnu.  Restaurant, cafe,
conference facilities, bar, night club.
This outlet has the following Hotel (1-42) & Room (43-58) Facilities:
Internet: http://www.ee/hotparnu

ESTONIA 3600       PARNU              RUUTLI 33 
SHOP BALTMAN             Tel.(372)44-407 38        Fax (372)6-302 721
15% DISCOUNT on Men's Wear and Accessoires, 10% OFF on all other goods
Open: 10-19 h.(Saturdays: 10-17 h.,Closed on Sundays)

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