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Record your video and publish it online   Free, fast and easy!
1.   How do I record a video message?
1. Run FreeWebcamRecorder.exe (31.7 Kb)   You don't have to install this program
If you get an error message, please make sure your webcam is properly connected to your computer
2. This program saves your video recording as .AVI file
Read here how to convert your .AVI file into a .FLV file, and how to publish .FLV files on the Internet, Free, Fast and Easy!
2.   Manual - Help - Troubleshooting
FreeWebcamRecorder.exe is a FREE application that will let you capture video (with or without audio) from any video device in your system.   It captures video (and optionally audio) to an .AVI file.
Below is a description of the various options and features
Set Capture File Indicate what .AVI file to capture the data into
Allocate File Space Capturing will work better if you capture into an .AVI file that already exists on your local drive.   Here you set how much space to reserve (how big your file needs to be).   It also helps if you defragment your hard drive before beginning capture, and have the capture file near the beginning of the physical drive.
Save Captured Video As Use this to copy the captured data to another file, so you can reuse the same preallocated file for your next capture
Choose which of your video cameras/capture cards and which of your audio cards you will be capturing from
Preview Watch the input video that is being recorded in the application's window
Audio Format Choose what audio format to capture
Video Format Choose what video size and frame rate to capture
Start Capture Press "OK" to indicate the precise moment that you wish capture to start
Stop Capture Pressing ESC will also stop capture
Capture Audio Determines whether or not audio is being captured as well
Master Stream If your audio and video capture card are not the same piece of hardware, you will need to synchronize the two of them so that the captured video is lip-synced correctly with the audio.
Choose "None" if the same piece of hardware captures both audio and video.
Choose "Audio" otherwise, which will change the frame rate of the video slightly to match the audio.
Choose "Video" if you have a special need to keep the video frame rate exactly what you ask for, and you have an audio card that can play back any arbitrary frequency (since the audio frequency will be altered slightly to match the video)
Set Frame Rate Sets the frame rate to capture video with.   If one isn't chosen, the driver will choose a default, or might provide a dialog box for you to set it in.
Set Time Limit Will stop capture automatically after a given time period.

After capturing, some information will be displayed in the status bar about the length of capture, how many frames were captured, how many frames of video were dropped due to resource limitations, and the achieved frame rate and data rate.
If many frames were dropped, the video will playback very erratic, so you can use the information about the achieved frame rate and data rate to predict what settings will be able to succeed on your machine without dropping any frames next time.
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