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Shared Phone Number Abroad
Give your customers, family or friends abroad a local number
to call you from any home, office, mobile or pay phone...

1.   What's a shared Phone Number? Where available? Which price?
    Available in 50+ countries for $24 a year for unlimited, free incoming calls
    Free shared numbers in 16 countries!!
1. A shared phone number is used by many people. Each person tells his/her friends or family to call the same number in a particular country, and at the voice prompt the caller enters the 7-digit etnVoip Number of the recipient plus the # key
2. Calls thru a shared phone number are routed over the Internet to the recipient of the call wherever this may be
3. In order to get a shared phone number in a country you don't have to live in that country
4. Shared phone numbers are available in these 50+ countries:
    Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States
    Shared phone numbers in red-colored countries are free of charge (Read next line)
5. All etnVoip users can use free of charge our shared phone numbers in
    Austria (National) 0720-902-059
    Belgium (Brussels) 02-808-0311
    Canada (Toronto) 1-905-481-0170
    China (Shanghai) 021-3100-1792
    Czech Republic (Prague) 02-4608-0315
    England (London) 020-7043-9020
    France (National) 0870-441-476
    Germany (National) 0180-3535-0033-029
    Greece (Athens) 021-3003-0182
    Israel (National) 077-566-4163
    Italy (Milano) 02-4070-8253
    Japan (Tokyo) 03-4550-1262
    Netherlands (Amsterdam) 020-890-8009
    Netherlands (National) 088-000-0060
    Switzerland (Zurich) 044-500-7846
    United Kingdom (London) 020-7043-9020
    USA (Miami) 1-305-728-6300

6. The costs of your shared phone number (abroad) are as follows:
    - ONE-TIME Setup Fee: US$ 6 (the same for all countries)
    - YEARLY Fee: US$ 24 (the same for all countries)
    There are NO additional charges for this service; in particular, there are NO charges per minute
2.   How do people call me thru a shared Phone Number Abroad?
    They call you from any home, office, mobile or pay phone, NO computer needed!
1. People can call a shared Phone Number Abroad from any home, office, mobile or pay phone
2. At the voice prompt they enter your 7-digit etnVoip Number followed by the # key
3. Within 20 seconds your Internet-connected phone will ring, regardless your location
4. Callers only pay for the (local or domestic) call to the shared Phone Number
    You DON'T pay anything to receive these calls unless you have
    forwarded incoming etnVoip calls to a regular phone number
3.   Are calls thru a shared Phone Number of less quality?
1. No, absolutely not!   Each call over the Internet uses the same bandwidth
    How the caller is connected to the Internet, thru a personal Phone Number or thru a shared Phone Number, is irrelevant
2. The only differences between a personal Phone Number and a shared Phone Number are:
A.   After calling a shared Phone Number, the caller must enter your 7-digit etnVoip Number followed by the # key
B.   Shared phone numbers are cheaper for you because the costs of the Phone Number Abroad are shared by many different users
4.   How do I receive calls to my 7-digit etnVoip Number?
1. Calls to your phone number abroad are forwarded over the Internet to your 7-digit etnVoip Number or etnVoip SIP address and you can receive these calls as follows:
A.   Calls to your etnVoip SIP address can be forwarded to your regular (mobile) phone number anywhere in the World at these low rates   For this solution you don't need any software or hardware, just your telephone!
Calls can be forwarded to one or more regular numbers, simultaneously or sequentially (Find me - Follow Me)
B.   Login at, keep this page Open or Minimized and incoming calls will ring on this webpage
C.   Install a free softphone on your computer and receive calls as long as your computer is online
D.   Connect your regular (cordless) telephone to the Internet thru a voice adapter and receive calls on your regular telephone, regardless whether your computer is online or not
E.   With a Wireless Internet Telephone you can connect to the Internet wherever in the World you find an (open-access) wireless network   Once connected you can receive calls   Please see
2. IMPORTANT You can combine all these options.   Example: You can forward calls to your mobile phone if calls to your Wireless Internet Telephone are unanswered after X (up to 99) seconds
3. Call-forwarding can be managed in your online control panel from any Internet-connected webbrowser
5.   How do I order a shared phone number abroad?
1. You can order your shared Phone Number Abroad here
2. Your Phone Number Abroad will include a free etnVoip SIP address
3. After submitting the Order Form you will receive within 2 business hours an email with the Area Codes we can offer you
4. As soon as you have selected an Area Code, your shared Phone Number Abroad
    will be activated and forwarded to your regular number if requested
5. Your Visa or Mastercard will be charged at this point for the US$ 6 Setup Fee, US$ 24 Yearly Fee and Calling Credit (if ordered)
6.   Other features of your etnVoip Number
1. Make phone calls from, from your computer with softphone, from your regular telephone with voice adapter or thru one of the access numbers on this page
2. Receive phone calls from, thru our gateway number 1-305-728 6300 in Miami, USA, on your computer with softphone, on your regular telephone with voice adapter or from other etnVoip users who call you thru one of the access numbers on
3. For a full list of features, please click here
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