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Railpasses in Europe: Please click here
Airpasses of The World Home Page
  1. Airpasses allow unlimited travel within a limited period of time, within ONE country or area, regardless the distances you travel.
    Some airpasses have a minimum or maximum number of cities you may visit.
  2. General conditions for ALL airpasses:
    • must be purchased in conjunction with a long-haul ticket to the 'airpass countries', the country(s) where the airpass involved is valid.
    • must be purchased BEFORE you arrive in the 'airpass countries'
    • NOT valid for residents of the 'airpass countries'
  3. Below you find links to online information pages of airlines with an airpass.
  4. For airpass bookings, please contact The World's Best Travel Agents
  5. Please inform ETN if you know another online airpass information page.

Airpasses within: Asia and South Pacific __ The Americas
Europe and Africa __ Add another airpass
Airpasses within North and South America
Airpasses within Asia and South Pacific
Airpasses within Europe and Africa
___ Railpasses in Europe: Please click here ___ Buspass in Europe: Please click here
Other sites with Airpass information......
Worldwide by Travel Overland in German * Worldwide by Grijns * South America

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