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What is ETN and the ETN Card ?

What does the ETN Card give you ?

  • The ETN Worldwide Travel Card gives you 25 to 50 percent discount from over 9500 Hotels, Restaurants, Car Rentals and Shops in 185 countries.
  • Each Card is good for ONE discounted Room (Double or Single), Meal, Car Rental or Purchase, as many times as you want, for business or pleasure.
  • Recently ETN has started with Direct Airline & Advertising Discounts: Airlines and media give discounts DIRECTLY to ETN Card holders.

    Hotels worldwide....

  • Over 1500 European hotels participate in the ETN Discount Program.
  • More than 130 hotels in Europe give FREE ROOMS if you spend a minimum amount of money on selected hotel services like restaurant, bar, etc.
  • Outside Europe ETN has large numbers of participants in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, Cyprus, Egypt, Gulf States, India, Mexico, Nepal, South Africa, USA and all over the Asian Far East.
  • In North America ETN has over 900 hotels and half of them give 50% discount.
  • ETN has hotels in ALL classes. From Budget and Tourist Class to First Class and Deluxe.

    Support from local agents

  • In addition, 250 ETN Agents worldwide also give local discounts on Accommodations, Excursions, Sightseeing and Transfers.
  • Many ETN Agents have arranged discounts in local bars, clubs, golf courses, etc. and issue a local ETN Sub-Directory.
  • ETN Agents Around The World are your reliable experts for local discounts, information and help.

    How and where to get discounts ?

  • Discounts are only available directly from the participating companies.
  • Hotel reservations and payments are made directly with the ETN hotels by using the ETN Hotel Reservation Form which you find in the ETN Directory.
  • The ETN Directory is available on paper, on floppy disk and on Internet.
  • You receive one of the three ETN Directories FREE OF CHARGE with your personal ETN Card.
  • Each ETN Worldwide Directory has over 2200 hotel photos and gives Full Address, Telephone, Fax, E-Mail, Internet http-address, Gross Rates, Discounts Given and Description of all participating outlets.

    FREE Phone Cards and Discounted Phone Calls

  • ETN Card holders with an international credit card may apply FREE OF CHARGE for the ETN TeleCards and ETN's Callback Service.
  • The ETN TeleCards allow you to make (inter)national phone calls in 60 countries, often at discounted rates.
  • With ETN's Callback Service you may save up to 70% on your local phone company's regular rates for inter-continental phone calls from your office, home or mobile phone.
  • You receive a specified billing monthly. Calls will be charged to your credit card.

    Global Reference Guide

  • The ETN Directory explains ETN's unique concept in 20 languages and gives information about ETN-Approved Suppliers of Low-Cost Air Tickets in 63 countries.
  • Buying your long-haul tickets from the World's top experts can save you a lot of money.
  • The ETN Directory is distributed to ETN Card holders and ETN participants in every country on Earth, and is used by travellers, airlines, travel agents, government officials, businessmen and the press as their Passport to the World of Discount Travel.

    Start saving money now....

  • The ETN Card and ETN Directory are sold for less than you save on 2 nights hotel.
  • Banks and independent ETN Card Sales Agents advertise in 80 countries for millions of dollars and in many languages to promote the unique ETN Card.
  • Expansion and new advantages for ETN Card holders will continue for a long time.
  • Within a few years, many millions of ETN Card holders will give ETN a bigger buying power than any tour operator or travel consortium in the World.
  • Be smart and join the people who always pay the lowest prices for hotel rooms and air tickets.
  • ETN Card Sales Agents have interesting commission schemes if your enthusiasm attracts new ETN Card holders.
  • The World's Largest Network of Hotels and Travel Agents is ready to Serve, Inform and Assist you in almost any country on Earth.

    Last but not least....

  • ETN actively pursues the aims of a European Nation to achieve Universal Harmony, Peace, Prosperity and Justice for all, European and non-Europeans, at every possible opportunity.
  • ETN recognizes the need of all who are seeking 'Better Value For Money' and fills this need with The World's Premier Travel Card.
  • ETN sponsors the Miss World Pageant, drama competitions, TV programs and other events Around The World.
  • ETN received the Excellence Award for Travel & Tourism from the Government of India for saving precious foreign exchange, which is every country's strongest wealth and wish.
  • Carry your ETN Card with pride and confidence as you journey across the continents. Bring the message of a free and new born World wherever you go.

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