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Why Not Fly Cheaper - The Book
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Full report from inside the discount ticket jungle
Read what travel agents don't dare to tell you....

My name is Hugo J.van Reijen
KLM will not tell you where I bought my ticket
There is always a trick to make the ticket cheaper !
Save thousands of dollars per year on air travel...
What do you find in my book ?
One thing I guarantee you !
Excess baggage and overbookings
Obligatory reading for airline staff....
Send me your own experiences
Order this book now for only US$ 19.95 !!

My name is Hugo J.van Reijen.
I am one of the World's most experienced airline passengers and the author of
'Why not fly cheaper?'. I have flown 37 years and millions of miles.
My book is not a HOW TO DO book. It tells you how I DID it.
Did what ? Nearly always pay the lowest fare and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process
My book gives you a full explanation of the fare system and a large number of practical tips how to obtain the cheapest fare. With many worked out examples......

KLM will not tell you where I bought my ticket
Last week I flew from London to Dubai and back. I flew KLM.
My ticket was valid for one year.
The passenger next to me had paid US$ 4313 for his roundtrip, same plane same class.
Guess what I paid? The unbelievable sum of $ 542.....
Even KLM will not tell you where I bought my ticket.
You read it in my book
Simply use the
Order Form below and you receive it by airmail within a few weeks.

There is always a trick to make the ticket cheaper
I often fly to New York, Johannesburg, Athens, Nairobi and Rio de Janeiro.
My work brings me also to Lisbon, Quito, Istanbul, Jakarta, Singapore, Dhaka, Colombo, Kathmandu, Kiev and many other cities.
Always on the best airlines and at the lowest fares.
There is always a trick to make the ticket cheaper
And I will give you many practical examples of cheap tickets at unbelievable fares
As an international businessman and veteran traveller I have always been interested in cheap flights and discount airfares.
No wonder, I pay from my own pocket

Save thousands of dollars per year on air travel...
During my career I saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, buying the cheapest fare constructions, sometimes straight from the airlines, sometimes from a bucket shop, sometimes from a discount broker or consolidator.
In this book I share my secrets with you and explain how you too can obtain the cheapest tickets and save thousands of dollars per year on air travel.

What do you find in my book ?
In my book you will read:
- which information the airlines are hiding from you
- how to construct the cheapest ticket
- where to buy discount tickets (in person or by telephone)
- how to use unpublished mileage premiums
- how to reroute your ticket in the cheapest way
- which countries offer the cheapest fares and the best discount shops
- choose from 22 airpasses world wide - thousands of miles for hundreds of dollars
- how to buy in Europe a ticket to Rio de Janeiro and to stop outbound in New York and inbound in Toronto at absolutely no extra cost
- how there can exist five different fares from five employees in the same office
- how to obtain a refund
- how to obtain a free upgrade to first or business class
- how to carry heavy excess baggage without paying for it
- how to get you confirmed from the waiting list
- how to book a safe airline - at no extra cost
- how to profit most from a frequent flyer program
- how to get prompt attention for your complaints

One thing I guarantee you
After reading my book you will know better than 95 percent of the airline staff where to buy the cheapest ticket and how to make the cheapest fare constructions.
Furthermore I will explain you how to find consolidators selling cheap tickets, where to obtain the steepest discount tickets and how to buy the cheapest Round-The-World tickets, all with addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers.
And I will show you how 12 passengers all travelling on the same plane, all have paid a different price for their tickets.
After reading my book, you will travel very cheaply, often paying one sixth or less of the fare of your neighbour.

Excess baggage and overbookings
I hate to pay for excess baggage. I will explain you how most of the time I manage to avoid ANY charge for it.
Although I usually travel with 40, 80 or 120 kilos of baggage, I rarely spend even a dollar.
I will explain you how, step by step
Even if the plane is chock-ful, I nearly always manage to obtain a seat.
I will explain you how.

Obligatory reading for airline staff....
The first five prints of my book sold out within 15 months from the date of its launch.
In some airports it is the fastest selling publication
Some airlines did try to stop sales in the Amsterdam Airport book stores.
It is even in the library of major airlines where it is obligatory reading for the staff.
You easily can earn back thousand times the price you spend on this book.

Send me your own experiences
Send me your own experiences during your travel by air.
Click here to tell me how YOU saved money.
I will publish your experiences in one of my next editions.

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6. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery of your personal copy.

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