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Home Base country of the Low Cost Airlines in Australia, Asia and Middle East:   Australia Jetstar - Virgin Australia - Virgin Blue   Bahrain Bahrain Air   Bangladesh Best Air - GMG Airlines - Royal Bengal Airlines   China Lucky Air - Spring Airlines   India Air India Express - Go Air - IndiGo - JetAirways - JetLite - Kingfisher Airlines - Paramount Airways - SpiceJet   Indonesia Batavia Air - Citylink - Lion Air - Mandala Air   Japan Air Do - Jal Express - Skymark Airlines - Skynet Asia Airways - StarFlyer   Korea Air Busan - Eastar Jet - Jeju Air - Jin Air   Kuwait Jazeera Airways   Malaysia Air Asia - FireFly - MasWings   New Zealand Pacific Blue (See Virgin Blue Australia)   Pakistan Air Blue - Shaheen Air   Philippines AirPhil Express - Cebu Pacific Air - Spirit of Manila Airlines - Zest Airways   Saudi Arabia Nas Air - Sama Airlines   Singapore Tiger Airways - Valuair   Sri Lanka Mihin Lanka   Syria Cham Wings - Syrian Pearl   Thailand Bangkok Airways - Nok Air - One-Two-Go   U.A.E Air Arabia - Fly Dubai   Yemen Felix Airways
    AustralAsia celebrates its 52th low-cost airline still flying....   out of 75 which started!
    See Graveyard here
  1. Air Arabia -U.A.E.
    Flights within the Middle East and from the Middle East to Asia, Europe
  2. Air Asia -MALAYSIA
    Flights with Malaysia and from Malaysia to Australia, China, India, Philippines, Southeast Aia, U.K.
  3. Air Blue -PAKISTAN   Warning: Very slow loading home page!
    Flights within Pakistan
  4. Air Busan -KOREA
    Flights from Busan (home base) to Japan
  5. Air Do -JAPAN   Website in Japanese only!
    Flights within Japan
  6. Airphil Express and PAL Express -PHILIPPINES   Fake low-cost by Philippine Airlines?
    Flights within Philippines
  7. Air India Express -INDIA   Fake low-cost by Air India? Read here
    Flights within India and between India and Singapore, Gulf Area
  8. Bahrain Air -BAHRAIN
    Flights from Bahrain to Africa, Asia, Middle East
  9. Bangkok Airways -THAILAND   Warning: Very slow working home page!
    Flights within Thailand and from Thailand to Singapore
  10. Batavia Air -INDONESIA
    Flights within Indonesia
  11. Best Air -BANGLADESH   Warning: NO online reservation system available!
    Flights within Bangladesh and from Dhaka (home base) to China, India, Thailand
  12. Cebu Pacific Air -PHILIPPINES
    Flights within Philippines and to/from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
  13. Cham Wings -SYRIA
    Flights from Syria (home base) to Belgium, Egypt, Iraq, Sweden, Turkey
  14. Citilink -INDONESIA
    Flights within Indonesia
  15. Eastar Jet -KOREA   Website in Korean only!
    Flights within Korea
  16. Felix Airways -YEMEN
    Flights within Yemen and from Sanaa (home base) to the Middle East
  17. FireFly -MALAYSIA   Fake low-cost by Malaysian Airlines? Read here
    Flights with Malaysia (home base) and from Malaysia to Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand
  18. Fly Dubai -U.A.E.
    Flights from Dubai (home base) to Afghanistan, the Middle East, Nepal, Sudan
  19. GMG Airlines -BANGLADESH
    Flights within Bangladesh and from Dhaka (home base) to India, the Middle East, Nepal, Southeast Asia
  20. Go Air -INDIA   Warning: Very slow loading home page!
    Flights within India
  21. IndiGo -INDIA
    Flights within India
  22. Jal Express -JAPAN   Fake low-cost by Japan Airlines? Read here   Website in Japanese only!
    Flights within Japan
  23. Jazeera Airways -KUWAIT
    Flights between Kuwait (home base) and Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and U.A.E.
  24. Jeju Air -KOREA   Website in Korean only!
    Flights within Korea
  25. Jet Airways and JetLite -INDIA   Two different names for the same airline!
    Flights within India and from India to Canada, China, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Southeast Asia, USA
  26. Jetstar Australia and Jetstar Asia   Fake low-cost by Qantas? Read here
    Flights within Australia and Asia.   Hubs in Australia, Singapore, Thailand
  27. Jin Air -KOREA   Fake low-cost by Korean Air? Read here
    Flights from Seoul (home base) to Guam and Thailand
  28. Kingfisher Airlines -INDIA
    Flights between major cities in India
  29. Lion Air -INDONESIA
    Flights within Indonesia and flights to/from Indonesia
  30. Lucky Air -CHINA   Website in Chinese only!
    Flights within China
  31. Mandala Air -INDONESIA
    Flights within Indonesia
  32. MasWings -MALAYSIA   Fake low-cost by Malaysian Airlines? Read here
    Flights with Eastern Malaysia
  33. Mihin Lanka Airlines -SRI LANKA
    Flights from Sri Lanka to the Gulf Area, India
  34. Nas Air -SAUDI ARABIA
    Flights within Saudi Arabia and from Saudi Arabia to Middle East destinations
  35. Nok Air -THAILAND   Fake low-cost by Thai Airways? Read here
    Flights within Thailand
  36. One-Two-Go -THAILAND   Warning: Banned in European Airspace for safety reasons!
    Flights within Thailand
  37. Paramount Airways -INDIA
    Flights within India
  38. Royal Bengal Airlines -BANGLADESH
    Flights within Bangladesh
  39. Sama Airlines -SAUDI ARABIA
    Flights within Saudi Arabia (home base) and from Saudi Arabia to the Middle East
  40. Shaheen Air -PAKISTAN
    Flights within Pakistan and from Pakistan to the Gulf Area
  41. Skymark Airlines -JAPAN
    Flights within Japan
  42. Skynet Asia Airways -JAPAN   Website in Japanese only!
    Flights within Japan
  43. SpiceJet -INDIA
    Flights within India
  44. Spirit of Manila Airlines -PHILIPPINES
    Flights within Philippines and from Philippines to the Gulf Area, China, Taiwan
  45. Spring Airlines -CHINA
    Flights within China (Shanghai home base)
  46. StarFlyer -JAPAN   Website in Japanese only!
    Flights within Japan
  47. Syrian Pearl -SYRIA   Warning: This site contains dangerous malware infecting your computer!
    Flights within Syria and from Damascus (home base) to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey
  48. Tiger Airways -SINGAPORE   Fake low-cost by Singapore Airlines? Read here
    Flights between Singapore (home base) and Australia, China, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa
  49. Valuair -SINGAPORE
    Flights between Singapore (home base) and Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Southeast Asia
  50. Virgin Australia and V Australia -AUSTRALIA
    Flights within Australia and from Australia to Canada, Fiji, South Africa, Thailand, U.K., USA
  51. Virgin Blue -AUSTRALIA
    Flights within Australia and from Australia to Indonesia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Thailand, U.K.
  52. Zest Airways -PHILIPPINES
    Flights within Philippines
IMPORTANT NOTICE about fake or sponsored low cost airlines
ETN is very suspicious about low cost airlines which are only started by a major, high-fare airline to protect their high-fare business against the real low cost airlines like Ryanair and Southwest!

Very often these fake or sponsored low cost airlines are closed down once they have pushed their truly low cost competitors out of business!
If their low cost competitors are gone, the high-fare mother has again a monopoly and keeps the fares (often too) high.
KLM (with BuzzAway) and British Airways (with GoFly) have already tried this trick but luckily failed.

If you find any proof that a fake or sponsored low cost airline is trying to push a truly low cost competitor out of business, please notify ETN immediately.
ETN will publish your report and notify the proper authorities like the European Commission, US Federal authorities and others.
Also, when you know a low cost airline listed on this page is fake or sponsored, please use the form below to inform us.

Current listing of fake or sponsored low cost airlines:
  1. CentralWings (Europe) Started by LOT POlish Airlines
  2. Citilink (Asia) Started by Garuda
  3. Fare4U (Europe) Started by Air Malta
  4. Freedom Air (South Pacific) Started by Air New Zealand
  5. Jetstar Asia Started by Qantas
  6. Jetstar (South Pacific) Started by Qantas
  7. Nok Air (Asia) Started by Thai Airways
  8. Snowflake (Europe) Started by Scandinavian Airlines
  9. Song Air (USA) Started by Delta Airlines
  10. Tango Airlines (Canada) Started by Air Canada
  11. Ted (USA) Started by United Airlines
  12. Tiger Airways (Asia) Started by Singapore Airlines
  13. Transavia (Europe) Started by KLM
Please use the form below to notify ETN about any abuses:
Your Name:
Your City + Country:
Your Email:
Your Telephone:
Your detailed Report:

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