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    1. Fake or sponsored low cost airlines
    2. Low Cost Airlines Graveyard
    Low Cost Airlines Graveyard
    The following Low-Cost airlines merged, went bankrupt, disappeared or never started
    Many links to these disappeared airlines will not work anymore!
    Unnumbered airlines below were never considered a Low-Cost Airline!
  1. Europe Aeris Bankrupt 07Nov2003
  2. Europe Agent Air Never started
  3. Europe Air Bosnia Bankrupt
  4. Europe Air Andalucia Bankrupt 2005
  5. Europe Air Catalunya Bankrupt
  6. Europe Air Exel Bankrupt January 2005
  7. Europe Air Finland Bankrupt June 2012
  8. Europe Air Freedom Bankrupt December2003
  9. Europe Air Holland Bankrupt 2004
  10. Europe Air Littoral Bankrupt 15Feb2004
  11. Europe Air Luxor Bankrupt
  12. Europe Air Madrid Bankrupt 15Dec2006
  13. Europe Air Polonia Bankrupt 05Dec2004   12th bankrupt European Low Cost airline in 2004
  14. Europe Air Wales Bankrupt 23Apr2006
  15. Europe Air Scotland Bankrupt
  16. Europe Airlib Express Bankrupt 2003
  17. Europe Air Service Plus Bankrupt
  18. Europe Alpi Eagles Bankrupt
  19. Europe Azzurra Air Bankrupt July2004
  20. Europe BasiqAir Changed name in Transavia Dec2004
  21. Europe BerlinJet Bankrupt
  22. Europe Bexx Air Bankrupt Sep2004
  23. Europe BMI Baby England Ceased operations in September 2012
  24. Europe Budget Air Ireland Bankrupt
  25. Europe BuzzAway Sold by KLM to Ryanair
  26. Europe Central Wings Bankrupt
  27. Europe ClickAir Bankrupt
  28. Europe Dau Air Bankrupt
  29. Europe Dream Air Never realized their Dream
  30. Europe Duo Bankrupt on 01May2004
  31. Europe DutchBird Bankrupt January 2005
  32. Europe EastJet Bankrupt End 2006
  33. Europe EU Jet Bankrupt 26Jul2005
  34. Europe Evolavia Bankrupt
  35. Europe Excel Airways Bankrupt
  36. Europe Exel Aviation Group Bankrupt January 2005
  37. Europe Fairline Austria Bankrupt 09Jun2004
  38. Europe Fare4U Bankrupt
  39. Europe Fly Dba Bankrupt
  40. Europe Fly Eco Will probably never start
  41. Europe Fly Me Bankrupt
  42. Europe Fly West Website disappeared July 2005
  43. Europe Flying Finn Bankrupt 27Jan2004
  44. Europe Free Airways Never started
  45. Europe Fresh Aer Bankrupt
  46. Europe Germania Express Taken over by FlyDba eff.27Mar2005
  47. Europe GetJet Poland Never started
  48. Europe Globespan Bankrupt
  49. Europe Go Fly Sold by British Airways to EasyJet
  50. Europe Goodjet Bankrupt
  51. Europe Hapag Lloyd Express Taken over by TUI
  52. Europe Hellas Jet Bankrupt 10May2005
  53. Europe Hop Never started, never a website! (2004)
  54. Europe Jet2 Bankrupt
  55. Europe Jet Magic Bankrupt 28Jan2004
  56. Europe Jetgreen Bankrupt on Wed.12May2004 after 1 week flying!
  57. Europe JetsSky Never started, probably a scam! (Jan2004)
  58. Europe JetX Stopped scheduled flights March 2005
  59. Europe Low Fare Jet Bankrupt
  60. Europe LTU Taken over by Air Berlin
  61. Europe Maersk Air Merged with Sterling on 13Sep2005
  62. Europe My Travel Lite Bankrupt
  63. Europe My Way Airlines Bankrupt
  64. Europe Nordic Airlink Bankrupt
  65. Europe Now Bankrupt May2004
  66. Europe Onur Air Bankrupt
  67. Europe Silesian Air Never started
  68. Europe Sky Europe Bankrupt
  69. Europe Skynet Airlines Bankrupt 26May2004 (booking engine too slow!)
  70. Europe Snalskjutsen Bankrupt
  71. Europe Snowflake Airlines Bankrupt
  72. Europe Spirit Of Balkan Never started
  73. Europe Sterling Airways Bankrupt
  74. Europe Swedline Express Bankrupt August 2006
  75. Europe V Bird Bankrupt 07Oct2004
  76. Europe Virgin Express Bankrupt
  77. Europe VolareWeb Bankrupt 19Nov2004
  78. Europe White Eagle Sold entire 737 fleet
  79. Europe Windjet Airlines Bankrupt August 2012 (booking engine too slow!)
  80. Africa Atlas Blue Taken over by Royal Air Maroc
  81. Africa Civair Bankrupt 06Dec2004
  82. Africa Flamingo Airlines Bankrupt
  83. Asia + South Pacific Adam Air (Indonesia) Bankrupt
  84. Asia + South Pacific Air Nauru Bankrupt
  85. Asia + South Pacific Air One (India) Never started
  86. Asia + South Pacific Athena Air (Malaysia) Never started
  87. Asia + South Pacific Awair Taken over by Air Asia 2005
  88. Asia + South Pacific BackpackersXpress Never started
  89. Asia + South Pacific Citilink Fake low-cost airline discontinued by Garuda Indonesia in 2006
  90. Asia + South Pacific Cosmic Air (Nepal) Bankrupt
  91. Asia + South Pacific Diet Jet (Thailand) Never started
  92. Asia + South Pacific Impulse Airlines Bankrupt
  93. Asia + South Pacific Oasis Hong Kong Bankrupt 2009
  94. Asia + South Pacific Origin Pacific Airways Bankrupt 10Aug2006
  95. Asia + South Pacific SilverFly (Japan) Never started
  96. Asia + South Pacific SkyAsia (Thailand) Never started
  97. Asia + South Pacific Smartjet Airways Never started, probably a scam!
  98. Asia + South Pacific Transgulf Express (Gulf Area) Never started
  99. Canada Canada West Air Never started
  100. Canada CanJet Changed into full-service airline
  101. Canada HMY Airways Bankrupt
  102. Canada JetsGo Bankrupt 11Mar2005
  103. Canada Tango Airlines Fake low-cost airline discontinued by Air Canada in 2004
  104. Canada Zip Fake low-cost airline discontinued by Air Canada in 2004
  105. Canada Zoom Airlines Bankrupt 2008
  106. Latn America Aero California (Mexico) Bankrupt
  107. Latn America Alma (Mexico) Bankrupt
  108. Latn America Aviacsa (Mexico) Bankrupt
  109. Latn America Avolar (Mexico) Bankrupt
  110. Latn America Azteca (Mexico) Bankrupt
  111. Latn America Bra (Brazil) Bankrupt
  112. Latn America Click Mexicana (Mexico) Taken over by Mexicana Airlines
  113. Latin America U Air Bankrupt Early 2006
  114. USA America West Merged with US Airways
  115. USA American Trans Air (ATA) Bankrupt
  116. USA Independence Air Bankrupt Early 2006
  117. USA Interstate Jet Bankrupt 2005
  118. USA Song Air Fake low-cost airline discontinued by Delta in 2006
  119. USA Southeast Airlines Bankrupt 01Dec2004
  120. USA Ted Airlines Fake low-cost airline discontinued by United Airlines
  121. USA TransMeridian Airlines Bankrupt 2006
IMPORTANT NOTICE about fake or sponsored low cost airlines
ETN is very suspicious about low cost airlines which are only started by a major, high-fare airline to protect their high-fare business against the real low cost airlines like Ryanair and Southwest!

Very often these fake or sponsored low cost airlines are closed down once they have pushed their truly low cost competitors out of business!
If their low cost competitors are gone, the high-fare mother has again a monopoly and keeps the fares (often too) high.
KLM (with BuzzAway) and British Airways (with GoFly) have already tried this trick but luckily failed.

If you find any proof that a fake or sponsored low cost airline is trying to push a truly low cost competitor out of business, please notify ETN immediately.
ETN will publish your report and notify the proper authorities like the European Commission, US Federal authorities and others.
Also, when you know a low cost airline listed on this page is fake or sponsored, please use the form below to inform us.

Current listing of fake or sponsored low cost airlines:
  1. CentralWings (Europe) Started by LOT POlish Airlines
  2. Citilink (Asia) Started by Garuda
  3. Fare4U (Europe) Started by Air Malta
  4. Freedom Air (South Pacific) Started by Air New Zealand
  5. Jetstar Asia Started by Qantas
  6. Jetstar (South Pacific) Started by Qantas
  7. Nok Air (Asia) Started by Thai Airways
  8. Snowflake (Europe) Started by Scandinavian Airlines
  9. Song Air (USA) Started by Delta Airlines
  10. Tango Airlines (Canada) Started by Air Canada
  11. Ted (USA) Started by United Airlines
  12. Tiger Airways (Asia) Started by Singapore Airlines
  13. Transavia (Europe) Started by KLM
Please use the form below to notify ETN about any abuses:
Your Name:
Your City + Country:
Your Email:
Your Telephone:
Your detailed Report:

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