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Within Africa
  1. 1Time -South Africa
    Flights within South Africa
  2. Fly540 -Kenya
    Flights within Kenya (home base) and from Kenya to Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda
  3. Jet4You -Morocco
    Flights within Morocco (home base) and from Morocco to Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland
  4. Karthago Airlines -Tunisia
    Flights from Tunisia (home base) to Denmark, France, Libya, Russia, Sweden
  5. Kulula -South Africa
    Flights within South Africa and from South Africa to Mauritius, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe
  6. Mango -South Africa
    Flights within South Africa
Within Latin America
  1. Avianca -Brazil (OceanAir)
    Flights within Brazil
  2. Azul -Brazil
    Flights within Brazil
  3. EasyFly -Colombia
    Flights within Colombia
  4. Gol -Brazil
    Flights within Brazil
  5. Interjet -Mexico     WARNING: STOP BUYING TICKETS !!
    Flights within Mexico
  6. Viva Aerobus -Mexico
    Flights within Mexico
  7. Volaris -Mexico
    Flights within Mexico and fro Mexico to California, USA
  8. WebJet -Brazil
    Flights within Brazil
IMPORTANT NOTICE about fake or sponsored low cost airlines
ETN is very suspicious about low cost airlines which are only started by a major, high-fare airline to protect their high-fare business against the real low cost airlines like Ryanair and Southwest!

Very often these fake or sponsored low cost airlines are closed down once they have pushed their truly low cost competitors out of business!
If their low cost competitors are gone, the high-fare mother has again a monopoly and keeps the fares (often too) high.
KLM (with BuzzAway) and British Airways (with GoFly) have already tried this trick but luckily failed.

If you find any proof that a fake or sponsored low cost airline is trying to push a truly low cost competitor out of business, please notify ETN immediately.
ETN will publish your report and notify the proper authorities like the European Commission, US Federal authorities and others.
Also, when you know a low cost airline listed on this page is fake or sponsored, please use the form below to inform us.

Current listing of fake or sponsored low cost airlines:
  1. Basiq Air (Europe) Started by KLM
  2. Citilink (Asia) Started by Garuda
  3. Fare4U (Europe) Started by Air Malta
  4. Freedom Air (South Pacific) Started by Air New Zealand
  5. Jetstar (South Pacific) Started by Qantas
  6. Nok Air (Asia) Started by Thai Airways
  7. Snowflake (Europe) Started by Scandinavian Airlines
  8. Song Air (USA) Started by Delta Airlines
  9. Tango Airlines (Canada) Started by Air Canada
  10. Ted (USA) Started by United Airlines
  11. Tiger Airways (Asia) Started by Singapore Airlines
Please use the form below to notify ETN about any abuses:
Your Name:
Your City + Country:
Your Email:
Your Telephone:
Your detailed Report:

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