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  1. Age calculator
      How old are you in years, months, weeks and minutes
  2. Airline Timetables
      Which airlines operate DIRECT flights between any two airports?
  3. Airpasses
      Multiple flights in your destination area at a great discount
  4. Airport Codes
      Airport codes ordered by Country, City or Airport Name
  5. Airport Flight Information
      Real-time information about departing and arriving flights at all airports Worldwide
  6. Airport Hotel Parkings
      Sleep in any of these hotels BEFORE or AFTER your flight and park your car for FREE on the hotel parking lot
  7. Airport Information
      Find all information about major airports in the World
  8. Airport Lounges
      Access over 450 airport lounges worldwide, regardless which class of service you fly!
  9. Airport Parkings
      Long-term parking at major airports in the USA, Canada and U.K.
  10. Atomic Clock
      Synchronize your computer with the Official Atomic Clock
  11. Banned, Blacklisted and Unsafe airlines
      Airlines which are or were banned with one or more aircrafts by one or more Civil Aviation Authorities in the World
  12. Booking Engines
      Listing of the best booking engines in many countries
  13. Calculators
      Simple calculator, scientific calculator, mortgage calculators and birth sign calculator
  14. Calendar
      For the rest of your life....
  15. Calling Cards
      Call 60 countries for less than $0.03 a minute from any phone in 50+ countries
  16. Climates Worldwide
      What the weather is normally like for tens of thousands of places worldwide
  17. Conversion Tables
      Convert the different units for Area, Length, Temperature, Volume and Weight
  18. Currency Converter
      Convert any currency into any other currency at the latest exchange rates
  19. Date Difference Calculator
      Calculate the time in years and days between any 2 dates
  20. Daylight Saving Times
      Most countries that observe daylight saving time (DST) are listed here
  21. Denied Boarding Compensation
      Check how much airlines must pay you if your flight is cancelled or delayed
  22. Dialing Codes
      World Dialing Codes for making international phone calls
  23. Distances Worldwide
      Distances between major airports in the World as the crow flies
  24. Driving Directions
      The best way to drive betweem any 2 addresses in the US or Europe
  25. Driving Distance Calculator
      Driving Distances between major US Cities
  26. Electric Guide
      Which Voltages, Frequencies and Plugs are used around the World?
  27. Embassies Worldwide
      Embassy details of all countries in all countries
  28. File Transfer Program
      Upload digital images to your webserver from any Internet-connected computer worldwide
  29. Flight Delays
      Which US airports have air traffic delays today?
  30. Flight Status
      Arrivals and Departures Flight Status by Route, by Flight and by Airport
  31. Flight Trackers
      Track any commercial aircraft in flight TO and FROM the continental United States, Canada and U.K.
  32. Holidays Worldwide
      Public holidays and bank holidays in all countries
  33. How good is my Discounted Airfare deal?
      A quick look how good your deal really is....
  34. Low-Cost Airlines
      Check these low-fare airlines if you fly within the same country or continent
  35. Maps Worldwide
      Maps of every major city in the World
  36. News
      Headline news from Around The world
  37. No time or money to travel?
      See here our online solutions
  38. Notepad writer
      A cross-platform word processing tool which allows you to open multiple documents at the same time
  39. Official Tourist Information
      Links to the Official Tourist websites of every country in the World
  40. Packing List
      What to take with you on your next trip
  41. Packing Tips
      Some smart ideas to remember when you pack your bags
  42. Stopwatch
      Calculate the time in seconds between the moments you click on Start and on Finish
  43. Subway Maps
      Maps of all subway systems in the World
  44. Tourist Information
      Tourist information about every country in the World
  45. Translator
      Translate text between English and 12 other languages
  46. Travel Insurance
      Compare the rates of many differance insurance companies
  47. Travel News
      Latest travel news from around the World for consumers and travel professionals
  48. Travel Warnings
      Travel warnings and information about crime, safety, traffic in all countries
  49. Vaccinations Required
      Vaccinations required for every country in the World
  50. Video Chat: See your friends and family while vacationing
      No registration, download or installation needed.   Simple login
  51. Visa Information
      Visa and entry requirements for every country in the World for US citizens
  52. Weather Worldwide
      Weather reports and weather forecasts for major cities worldwide
  53. World Clock
      Get the exact (atomic) time in all countries worldwide
  54. World Fact Book
      Interesting information about every country in the World
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