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Give your customers, family or friends abroad a local number to call you from any home, office, mobile or pay phone...

1.   In which countries are phone numbers available?
1. If you don't have any need for your own personal phone number abroad,
    you can get a shared phone number abroad
    People calling you thru a shared number must first enter your 7-digit etnVoip Number
    followed by the # key before they are connected with you
    People calling your personal phone number are immediately connected with you
    The price of a shared phone number is US$ 6 One-Time Setup Fee and US$ 24 Yearly Fee
2. Personal phone numbers abroad are available in these 50+ countries:
    Behind each country you find the Setup Fee (One-time) and the Yearly Fee to pay
    All prices are in US dollars (US$)
3. The costs of your personal phone number (abroad) are as follows:
    - ONE-TIME Setup Fee: US$ 25.- (except USA 1-800 numbers: $90)
    - YEARLY Fee from US$ 72.- (varies per country, see list above)
    There are NO additional charges per minute unless you buy a TOLLFREE number
4. Once activated, your phone number (abroad) is forwarded to your etnVoip SIP address
Your etnVoip SIP address is your 7-digit etnVoip Number followed by
SIP addresses are the open-source, universal standard to make/receive calls over Internet
Now tell your callers abroad to call the local phone number forwarded to your etnVoip SIP address
2.   How do I receive calls to my etnVoip SIP address?
1. Calls to your phone number abroad are forwarded over the Internet to your etnVoip SIP address and you can receive these calls as follows:
A.   Calls to your etnVoip SIP address can be forwarded to your regular (mobile) phone number anywhere in the World at these low rates   For this solution you don't need any software or hardware, just your telephone!
Calls can be forwarded to one or more regular numbers, simultaneously or sequentially (Find me - Follow Me)
B.   Login at, keep this page Open or Minimized and incoming calls will ring on this webpage
C.   Install a free softphone on your computer and receive calls as long as your computer is online
D.   Connect your regular (cordless) telephone to the Internet thru a voice adapter and receive calls on your regular telephone, regardless whether your computer is online or not
E.   With a Wireless Internet Telephone you can connect to the Internet wherever in the World you find an (open-access) wireless network   Once connected you can receive calls   Please see
2. IMPORTANT You can combine all these options.   Example: You can forward calls to your mobile phone if calls to your Wireless Internet Telephone are unanswered after X (up to 99) seconds
3. Call-forwarding can be managed in your online control panel from any Internet-connected webbrowser
3.   Total costs if forwarding to a regular phone number
1. Below we explain the total costs by giving an example:
    You want a phone number in FRANCE which forwards to your regular phone number in CHINA
    The total costs are composed as follows:
A.   One-time Setup Fee: $25 To pay when service is activated
B.   Yearly Fee for FRANCE number: $72 To pay when service is activated
C.   Price per minute: $0.024 You only pay this when receiving a call in France See rates
2. The price per minute is deducted from your Calling Credit
    You can buy never-expiring Calling Credit in units of $25
3. Read below for Unlimited Forwarding to non-mobile numbers in 36 countries
4.   Unlimited forwarding to non-mobile numbers in 36 countries
    Flat yearly fee of US$ 199, for residential non-commercial use only!
1. If you buy a non-tollfree phone number in most countries, you can forward your number to any non-mobile telephone phone number in Argentina (Buenos Aires), Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil (Rio De Janeiro), Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico (Mexico City), Mexico (Monterrey), Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia (Moscow), Russia (St.Petersburg), San Marino, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA
2. Forwarding to mobile phone numbers in red-colored countries is possible too
3. This rate plan may be used for residential non-commercial purposes only
4. Yearly Fee of this rate plan: $199
5.   How do I order a phone number (abroad)??
1. You can order your Phone Number Abroad from here
    Contact ETN for more information or to check availability of numbers abroad
    Your Phone Number Abroad will include a free etnVoip SIP address
2. After submitting the Order Form you will receive within 2 business hours an email with the Area Codes we can offer you
3. As soon as you have selected an Area Code, your Phone Number Abroad
    will be activated and forwarded to your regular number if requested on the Order Form
4. Your Visa or Mastercard will be charged at this point for the Setup Fee, Yearly Fee and Calling Credit (if ordered)
6.   Other features of your etnVoip Number
1. Make phone calls from, from your computer with softphone, from your regular telephone with voice adapter or thru one of the access numbers on this page
2. Receive phone calls from, thru our gateway number 1-305-728 6300 in Miami, USA, on your computer with softphone, on your regular telephone with voice adapter or from other etnVoip users who call you thru one of the access numbers on
3. For a full list of features, please click here
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