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Airlines which are or were banned (temporarily) with one or more aircrafts
by one or more Civil Aviation Authorities in the World
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Why this list??
Unfortunately it's a gentleman's agreement to keep aviation blacklists confidental....
ETN fully disagrees with this international policy.     In the 21st century passengers are intelligent and experienced enough to decide themselves whether they want to fly with a banned airline or not.

Finally the European Union published it's first list of banned airlines on 22 March 2006
All airlines on this list are banned from European Union airports
You find the list as PDF file here (38 Kb) and as HTML file here (54 Kb)
On this European Union webpage you may find Europe's latest blacklist
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  1. Africa Lines (Central African Republic) Read here
  2. Air Bosna (Bosnia) Read here
  3. Air Koryo (North Korea) Read here
  4. Air Mauritanie (Mauritania) Read here
  5. Air Memphis (Egypt) Read here
  6. Air St.Thomas (USA) Read here
  7. Air Universal (Sierra Leone) Read here
  8. Air Van Lines (Armenia) Read here
  9. Albanian Airlines (Albania) Read here
  10. Cameroon Airlines (Cameroon) Read here
  11. Central Air Express (Congo) Read here
  12. Dniproavia (Ukraine) Read here
  13. Enimex (Estonia) Read here
  14. Equatorial Guinea (Any airline!) Read here
  15. Flash Airlines (Egypt) Read here
  16. Fly Air (Turkey) Read here
  17. Gambia (Any airline!) Read here
  18. Ghana Airways DC 10 registration 9G-AND (Ghana) Read here
  19. GIR Jet (Spain) Read here
  20. Hemus Air (Bulgaria) Read here
  21. I.C.T.T.P.W (Libya) Read here
  22. International Air Tours (Nigeria) Read here
  23. Inter Trans Air (Bulgaria) Read here
  24. Johnson Air (Ghana) Read here
  25. Jr Executive (Lebanon / USA) Read here
  26. Kyrgyzstan Airlines (Kyrgyzstan) Read here
  27. Liberia (Any airline!) Read here
  28. Linhas Aereas de Mozambique (Mozambique) Read here
  29. Luxor Air (Egypt) Read here
  30. Phuket Airlines (Thailand) Read here
  31. Premium Air Shuttle (Nigeria) Read here
  32. Rav-Avia (Latvia) Read here
  33. Silk Way (Belgium / Azerbaijan) Read here
  34. Silverback Cargo Freighters (Rwanda) Read here
  35. South Airlines (Ukraine) Read here
  36. Star Air (Sierra Leone) Read here
  37. Tajikistan (Any airline!) Read here
  38. Transairways (Mozambique) Read here

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