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Since this page is only updated on request of our visitors, it may occur that some services below are stopped
Unfortunately many free telephone services come and go....
Please notify ETN if you find incorrect information on this page or when you want to inform us about a new service
You can post any new telephone service on our Low-Cost Communications and Telephony Message Board
A. Use the Internet as your FREE walkie talkie
___ The Roger Wilco Voice Chat program is a small, basic program which allows you to talk from your online computer to any other computer on the Internet without any servers needed.   It's like a virtual walkie-talkie or intercom that lets you talk for FREE to friends as you are online and as long as you want.....
Works with any PC, using any modem, no server required, unlimited channel capacity.
B. Click here to make FREE Calls to ANY phone in Europe, Canada, USA, Australasia
___ It's easy to use, and best of all, the call is FREE OF CHARGE !!!
Just dial in the USA 1-206-888-0000 from your computer or your regular phone.
Listen to a 10-second advertisement, then at the dial tone dial the number you wish to call
* Always start with 011 to access an international line, followed by
the country code and number you are calling. Talk as long as you want.
* If you call from your computer you only pay to connect to the Internet.
If you call from your regular phone, you only pay for the cost of your
long-distance call to the USA number 1-206-888-0000
C. FREE Calls from ANY computer in the World to ANY telephone in the USA
___ Totally FREE, all you need is Internet connection, microphone and speakers
D. Unlimited Calls from ANY computer to ANY telephone in Europe, Canada and USA
___ For $29 a month you can place UNLIMITED calls from any PC in the world to ANY telephone in Europe (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom), Canada and the USA (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)
E. Get FREE phone calls from Customers, Friends and Family over the Internet
___ NO long-distance charges for you or for people calling you, wherever they are.
NO advance download, NO installation and NO configuration is necessary for callers.
This service is also used and highly recommended by ETN Head Office
F. Save up to 90% on Phone Calls and Faxes from your PC
___ You can call or fax ANY number in the World from your PC, wherever you are
To the USA from $0.039 and Europe from $0.08 per minute.... _ Click here to check the rates.
This service is also used and highly recommended by ETN Head Office since Oct.1996
G. Send and receive your Faxes and Voice Mail through Email
___ Get a phone number in your customers' area (Select from 50 cities worldwide)
and receive all their faxes and voice mail messages in your emailbox

This service is also used and highly recommended by ETN Head Office since Sept.1997
H. US residents only pay 4.9 cents per minute for domestic calls
___ US to Europe and Australia for 9 cents per minute... Full rate sheet is here
US visitors can call within the USA for 7.9 cents per minute......
I. Prepaid Long Distance Calling Cards
___ Save yourself a lot of money when away from home....
J. More tools to call for FREE over the Internet
___ See these tools in ETN's Virtual Offices.....
K. Talk forever for FREE to anyone anywhere with an Aplio box
___ The Aplio box contains the same hardware and software as your computer needs to make FREE phone calls over the Internet.
However, the Aplio box is more consumer-friendly, also easy to operate by your grandparents, and is connected to any regular telephone !
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This site includes a calculator which shows you the cheapest calling plans from different phone companies for your phone number!
Call for the price of a local call to any country with a Callbox

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