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This software is offered by 750 ETN travel agents worldwide as appreciation for your business
    This Video and Voice page is a free, public service of European Travel Network, one of Europe's oldest travelsites since May 1995
    Files and programs on this page don't contain any spyware or badware.   All files and programs on this page are free to use or download

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    What you find on this page: Video and Voice Conference Rooms - Voice over IP Internet Phone Calls - Voice Chat Rooms - Voice Mail - Voice Recorders - Voice Message Boards - Video Chat Rooms - Video Mail - Webcam Video Recorder - Voice Buttons

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    Video     Video Mail - Video Downloader - Video Publisher - Video Recorder incl. Voice + Text
  1. YouTube Downloader     Web-based
      Download any video from YouTube and play it on Ipods, cell phones, pc's or other devices
  2.     Web-based
      Publish your video movies online, Free, Fast, Easy! (AVI, MPEG, QT, WMV, FLV)
  3.     Web-based
      Simple program to make video recordings with your webcam
    Voice     Voice over IP - Internet Phone Calls
  4. How can I make calls over the Internet?
      Everything you need to know to make Internet phone calls
  5. How can I receive calls over the Internet?
      All different possibilities to receive Internet phone calls
  6. How can people call my Internet phone?
      Full explanation how people can call your Internet phone
  7.     Web-based
      Login here to your VOIP (Voice over IP) account to make/receive calls
  8.     Web-based
      Download here the very best software telephones for free!
  9.     Web-based
      Enter the USA toll-free number you want to call and click on 'Dial'
  10., Call other broadband users for FREE, Anytime, Anywhere, Unlimited     Download
      Receive and make calls over the Internet from a regular phone
      Cheap Internet calls from home, office, mobile and pay phones
    Voice     Voice Conference and Chat Rooms including Text Chat
  12.   The Best!     Web-based
      File Transfers: Yes   Private Rooms: Yes   Send URL: Yes   Whiteboard: No
  13.     Download
      Standalone, walkie talkie type programs to speak Pc to Pc for longer periods
      Great for use during online games!
    Voice     Voice Mail
  14. (Java Applet plugin, MP3 audio format)     Web-based
      Send personal voice messages from your browser.   NO attachments
    Voice     Voice Publisher - Mp3 Publisher - Voice Recorders
  15. (MP3 audio Flash format)     Download
      Record your voice or mp3 file and publish it on the Internet instantly!
  16. (PRM audio format)     Download and Web-based
      Record and Play your voice in prm, the Internet's most compressed audio format
      One minute voice recording in prm takes 36 Kb
  17. (MP3 audio format)     Download
      Record your voice in mp3, the Internet's most popular audio format
      One minute voice recording in mp3 takes 60 Kb
  18. Voice Recording file sizes
      Compare file sizes of different audio recording formats
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